ABE Contracting Services - Our Services

ABE Contracting Services is classified as an SMME building company. Whilst our long term vision is to include a civil works division, our current scope of service revolves around building related work.

Refurbishments {Upgrading…}

The process of upgrading an existing facility. With such abundant infrastructure already in place and with urban renewal on the up, ABE is uniquely placed to revitalize existing buildings. Provided the integrity of the structure is sound, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to upgrade the most dilapidated of buildings, particularly given our beginnings as a specialist interiors contractor.

Renovations {Restoring…}

The process of restoring an existing facility. ABE have been involved in a number of heritage projects and take pride in restoring an existing building to its former glory.

Tenant Installations {Fitting-out…}

The process of fitting-out an empty shell to a tenant's requirements. From shopping malls to office blocks, ABE has vast experience with tenant installations. ABE enlists the skills of expert subcontractors from shopfitters to audio visual specialists to provide the client with a single solution under one roof.

Additions & Alterations {Modifying…}

The process of modifying the structure of an existing facility. Whether it is a covered balcony or another office wing, ABE has the capacity and experience to handle any alteration.

Construction {Building…}

The process of building a new facility. ABE has the capacity to undertake medium sized construction projects. Ideally suited for small office parks or single buildings.

Professional Construction Management

All of the above services are professionally managed by certified construction managers. ABE subscribes to the codes of practice prescribed by the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions.

Accredited Deep Cleaning ,Sanitizing & Disinfecting Of Commercial Building